Board of Directors

Michael Tyler - Independent Director

Mr. Tyler is a Managing Director of Essex Lake Group LLC, a global provider of operational and analytic services to the financial services industry (especially banks, card issuers and insurance companies), and the retail and telecom industries.

He is active in developing new modes of operation in service businesses, including telcos, cellular/wireless and cable TV; and has contributed to formative developments such as online delivery of transaction services and the launch of direct-to-home satellite TV. Mr. Tyler has played a key role in devising and closing major investment transactions, and especially in developing the use of leveraged leases as a financial tool in telecoms and IT: this has included lease transactions of over $2 billion for each of Swisscom, SNCF (French railways) and DFS (German air traffic control).

He has served on the boards and audit committees of several public companies, including Telecommunications Corporation of New Zealand (Telecom NZ), the principal telephone company in New Zealand and number three in Australia; and ALC Communications, a US long-distance telephone company formerly traded on NASDAQ and subsequently acquired by MCI.

Mr. Tyler was formerly Managing Director of Tyler & Company, an international provider of analytical services in telecoms and IT; and senior partner and member of the Executive Committee at Booz, Allen & Hamilton. He has also served as Sloan Associate Professor of Technology and Public Policy at New York University, and as an adjunct member of the faculty (Instructor) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Mr. Tyler began his career at BT (British Telecom).

Mr. Tyler holds an MA in Natural Sciences (Physics) and Economics from Cambridge University.